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A journal/diary of yours truly

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Who says I'm not weird? Lol well anyways..bleh I feel sick. Stupid acne meds. I hate taking pills-- well, anywhere I guess. Anywhere, anytime, there is a girl out there ready to kill herself becuase of the drugs she uses. But I have to use these drugs, they aren't hte illegall ones...and I'm rambling again...well today half of my youth group is supposed to come back from Michigan, and I can't wait to see Elizabeth again, wh00t! I have to talk to her about her birthday or else I'll be mad. Mad, not bad. I can't believe I typed that...lol.

OMG do you like, love my icon or what?! The lion dancing is like, the best thing I've ever found online. Now I just need to find a penguin dance...

Yeah you can tell I'm bored/hyper/sick/whatever. There's a wedding at my church and I'm not going. I don't know whether or not I should be sad. I've never been to a wedding before...yeah, tragic ain't it? I feel so deprived as a child..and a teenager..and just as a human being in general most of the time.
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